Commodity In Depth: Employee Relocation

Moving Trucks Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

Employee Relocation Guide


If the University pays (or partially pays) for the move:

Moving and storage of a relocating employee's household goods and personal effects cannot be paid on a Payment Voucher as in the past. Instead, the following procedure is in place:

  • Price quotations must be obtained as specified in the Guidelines for Competition, preferably from Virginia-based firms.
  • Moving Agreement must be executed and processed as described in UVA HR Moving and Relocation. (Please contact University Human Resources with any questions about that procedure or that agreement).
  • The employee's department must submit a Purchase Requisition for the move in the Integrated System, including the required price quotations and a copy of the executed agreement as documentation.
  • If the cost of the move is less than $10,000 the employee may choose the moving agent in consultation with a Procurement Services buyer. If the cost of the move is $10,000 or more, the moving agent selected must be either a contracted vendor or the lowest of the three quotes from non-contract vendors.
  • The employee is responsible for making all specific moving arrangements (e.g. times for pick up and delivery, etc.) and for resolving any damage claims directly with the moving agent.


If the University does NOT pay for the move:

  • No Moving Expense Reimbursement Employment Agreement is required.
  • University policies do not apply.
  • Employee may still use University contracts.


Regardless of who pays for the move:

  • Price quotations should be obtained as specified in Guidelines for Competition.
  • Inform employee of our relocation contracts with movers.
  • Contact a PSDS Buyer for help at (434) 924-4212, option 3, then option 4.