Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer


>60% ethanol liquid, gel, foam

The University is providing hand sanitizer stands for all buildings on grounds.  Please coordinate additional requests with PSDS. Email our COVID response team.

The University has partnered with supplier Daycon to stock liquid hand sanitizer in all of the VMI closets for refilling the dispenser stanchions located at entrances/exits and elevators of buildings. If your department does not have a VMI program please coordinate with your FM building manager.

Alternatively, hand sanitizer may be purchased from suppliers:



Charlottesville Sanitary Supply (T&E Card)

*When purchasing hand sanitizer please be aware of the FDA recall product listing found here: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-updates-hand-sanitizers-consumers-should-not-use#products

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