R&D RFP process makes buying easier for UVA researchers

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The UVA Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing needed a rheometer to pursue their work in bioengineering. If you’re wondering what a rheometer is, you’re probably not alone – suffice it to say, it’s a highly specialized piece of equipment available from very few sources. Not long ago, a purchase like this would require sole source justification, a tedious process. However, thanks to PSDS’ innovative new Research and Development RFP process, Anton Paar, the supplier of the rheometer needed for this work, was set up as a contract vendor. This made the buying process much easier for the researchers and entitled them to the advantages and protections that come with working with a vendor under contract.  READ MORE >>>Managing people is one of the most important roles in any organization, and also one of the most challenging.  Recognizing the tough role managers have, UVAFinance has begun an intense, year-long course for managers called the Management Development Program (MDP). UVAFinance worked with the Center for Leadership Excellence to develop the structure of the MDP, which includes three facets:  360-degree feedback, a series of development sessions, and individual coaching.  Eighteen managers representing almost all of UVAFinance’s departments make up the inaugural class.

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