Getting Paid at the University


An invoice must reference the correct 7-digit Purchase Order Number to be paid.

This number must be clearly marked on the invoice, and on all related documentation and correspondence. Invoices without Purchase Order numbers received in Accounts Payable will be discarded without contacting the vendor and without payment.

All invoices for Purchase Orders must be emailed to

Invoices cannot be paid if sent to any other area of the University.


To Ensure Prompt and Accurate Payment

  • Payments will be made from original invoices only. Please send all invoices to
  • Invoice line items on the invoice must match, line for line, items shown on the University's purchase order. If there are any unit price or quantity variances from the line item on the PO, payment may be delayed.
  • Unless prearranged by PSDS, all payments will be paid based on the terms associated with a vendor from the date the goods were received by the ordering department, or from the date a valid original invoice is received in PSDS, whichever is later.
  • For questions regarding specific invoices or payments, please email us at


Payment Status


Payment Methods

PaymentWorks is the new registration portal for UVA suppliers that will allow Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) to manage more detailed and accurate supplier information in the registration process. PaymentWorks provides a simplistic and more streamlined approach to registration and provides improved payment options for Suppliers and Payees.

The Benefits of PaymentWorks include:

  • Electronic Payments: ACH payment option available for Suppliers and Payees
  • Faster Payment Terms: Suppliers have the ability to get paid faster if they sign up for faster payment terms
  • Better User Experience: Process for Individuals requires fewer fields and can be completed on a phone/mobile device


The following are UVA’s standard payment terms:

  • Suppliers
    • ACH (Electronic Payment) - 1.5% Net 15
    • CHECK - Net 45
  • Individuals
    • ACH (Electronic Payment) - Immediate
    • CHECK - Net 45


  • Net 45 Check: When choosing Net 45 Check, the University will issue payment within 45 days after the receipt of goods or services or receipt of invoice, whichever is later. The check will be mailed within the 45 day window. From there, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to receive the check in the mail due to United States Postal Service delivery times.
  • 1.5% Net 15 ACH: When choosing ACH, the University will issue payment within 15 days after taking a 1.5% discount from the total. ACH is immediate payment. Depending on the bank you use and their internal processes, it may appear immediately or take up to 48 hours (standard).