Accounts Payable Basics

This information is an overview of accounts payable for our internal UVA customers.

For information for suppliers or non-suppliers about invoicing and payments, please see For Vendors.


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Registering Suppliers and Non-Suppliers

PaymentWorks is the new registration portal for UVA suppliers that will allow Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) to manage more detailed and accurate supplier information in the registration process. Please see Registering Suppliers and Non-Suppliers for Payment for more information.

For questions, please contact the Supplier Management team at


InvoicesInvoices and Receiving




All payments for goods and services must be processed by Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services. The payment procedures vary depending on the method used to purchase.


Invoices for Purchase Orders (PO)

An invoice should state what products or services a supplier provided, along with the quantities and pricing for each. It should include the PO number and a clearly-marked total. Suppliers should send PO invoices directly to Accounts Payable by cXML, by email at or by mail to:

University of Virginia Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 3025
Scranton, PA 18508


Invoices or Statements for Payment Vouchers (Direct Payment)

Invoices to be paid by Payment Voucher should be sent to the department. It is the department's responsibility to submit Payment Vouchers promptly and correctly so that vendors receive timely payments, as required by law. These payments must be reconciled to the Integrated System monthly.


Viewing Invoices for Reconciliation

Invoice information for departments can now be found in the UBI AP Module. For a guide on finding invoice information in the module, visit Invoice Lookup for Departments.

Users must have UBI Finance responsibilities to access this module. For more information on UBI access, visit UBI: Get Started



Receiving is required for all purchases in order to make sure that we are paying for what we ordered. For purchases under $10,000, receiving is automatically done in the system by "negative confirmation" -- once PSDS receives an invoice, the department is notified to view the invoice information prior to payment. If everything is correct, the department does not need to do anything. If the invoice is incorrect, the department places it on hold using the Invoice Correction Form. Accounts Payable Forms.

For purchases over $10,000, the University requires manual receiving to be done through the Integrated System or in iProcurement. For Job Aids on completing receiving, visit the Finance Outreach and Compliance Job Aids and Q&As for Purchasing and Accounts Payable. 


Invoice Holds

Invoices in "hold" status are those that are waiting for receiving, reference a PO with no funds, or other related reasons. These invoices will not be paid until the hold is released, so it's important for departments to work with Accounts Payable and/or their suppliers to fix the problems causing the hold.

For more information about hold statuses and how to resolve them: AP Hold Code Information






Payment Vouchers: Direct, Non-PO Payments

Payment Vouchers are typically used to pay individuals, government agencies, performers, research participants, or honoraria.



The Travel and Expense Card is the University's “one card” solution (formerly known as the Pcard) that allows the cardholder to make small-dollar purchases of goods, services, and travel expenses. The T&E Card combines the previous purchasing and travel card programs into one card. The card is a corporate liability, which means the University pays the bill on behalf of the cardholder.

The University Travel and Expense Card is the preferred method of payment for all employee-initiated travel, meals, and entertainment expenses for the following reasons:

  • Does not incur international fees, cash withdrawal fees, or sales tax on goods and services that are exempted from sales tax.
  • VISA provides cardholder additional assistance, insurance, and services for purchases paid with a Travel and Expense Card.

For questions or assistance, please visit Travel & Expense Card or contact the University's Card Administrators at or 434-924-4212.


ExpenseUVA - Reimbursements for UVA Employees

ExpenseUVA is the University's easy way to reimburse UVA employees for both travel and non-travel purchases. 

For questions or assistance, please visit ExpenseUVA, email, or call 434-924-4212.


Additional Payment Services

The Accounts Payable payments team also provides the following services:

  • Stopping payment or reissuing checks, and providing copies of canceled checks. 
  • Issuing wire transfers when payment can not be made with the T&E Card or any other standard University form of payment.
  • Providing cash advances to employees for expenses that cannot be readily or most economically processed through normal purchasing or accounts payable procedures. Email for more information.
  • Processing petty cash disbursement requests.

For more information and forms for these services, please visit Accounts Payable Forms.






For accounts payable tools, training, resources, and policies: Accounts Payable Resources