Accounts Payable Forms

Form Usage
Approval for Honoraria For payment voucher/direct payment of honoraria. Attach completed form to payment voucher. New: electronic signatures are accepted. 
Employee/Independent Contractor Checklist This Checklist is to be completed by the department requesting the services of an individual or sole proprietor,  The information provided on this form will be analyzed to determine whether or not the service provider is an employee or independent contractor. Attach completed form to payment voucher.
Invoice Correction Form To request any invoice correction or modification, or to notify Accounts Payable that an invoice you have received does not belong to your department. For more information see AP Hold Info
Petty Cash Voucher Form For use each time custodian disburses funds from Petty Cash. Multiple forms may be submitted with one Payment Voucher requesting reimbursement, but must always be submitted within 30 days of disbursement. Submit original as paper documentation along with print-out of the Integrated System Standard Report "UVA Payment Voucher" and itemized original receipts.
Stop Payment/Copy of Check Form Used by the departments when requesting a stop payment, or a copy of a cancelled check.
Wire Payment Request Form To request a payment that can not be made with the Purchasing Card, or any other standard University form of payment.