Purchasing Forms


Form Usage
Communications Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption CT-10 Form (requires Netbadge)
Contract Document Request Form Request a copy of request for proposal, agreement, or related documents.
Contractor Certification for Executive Directive 18  
DEA Application (form 225)

DEA registration for purchase of controlled substances. Submit to DEA. (requires Netbadge)

See VP for Research's Controlled Substance Application and Renewal for more information. 

DLC/PUC change form Use this form when a new Delivery Location Code (DLC) for the receipt of ordered goods is needed in the Integrated System, when address or contact information for an existing DLC needs to be changed in the Integrated System, or when an existing DLC is no longer needed.
Letter of Credit For when a supplier requires UVA's Letter of Credit information (requires Netbadge).
Other States Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificates For use when supplier located in another state requires documentation for exempting the University from sales tax. (Requires Netbadge)
Phone Quote Summary Form For documenting telephone quotes received from vendors.
Purchase Order (PO) Change Form Request a final close, or for lines to be added, changed, or deleted, on a PO where Procurement staff is listed as the buyer.
PO Request for Material Services (For Facilities Management staff only) Use this form to request material services. Email PPADR forms to RFMS-FM@virginia.edu. Email PPLOA forms to RFMS-OHLD@virginia.edu.
Add/Update/Delete PUC or DLC Use this form to register a new Purchasing Unit, update information for an existing one, or delete one no longer in use.
Sole Source Justification Form Provides necessary information to meet legal requirements in the requisition of goods or services that can be supplied by only one vendor.
Virginia Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate Requires Netbadge.